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Test for Sulfide in Drinking Water

What is sulfide?

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas present in some waters. There is never any doubt as to when it is present due to its offensive "rotten egg" odor. This characteristic odor is sometimes apparent in concentrations below 1 mg/l. Obnoxious as are the taste and odor of hydrogen sulfide, these are only two of the problems it presents. Hydrogen sulfide promotes corrosion due to its activity as a weak acid. Further, its presence in the air causes silver to tarnish in a matter of seconds.

What are sulfide's health effects?

Low levels of sulfide in drinking water, especially well water are common and safe.  High concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas are both flammable and poisonous. While such concentrations are rare, their presence in drinking water has been known to cause nausea and illness.


Your test kit will include sample bottles and easy to follow sample collection instructions. When testing is complete, a report will be issued identifying any problems detected with your sample. Please note: this test package must be returned to the lab within 24 hours of collection.

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