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Test for Fluoride in Drinking Water

What is fluroide?

Fluoride is most commonly associated with dental hygiene products and tooth protection. Most people are exposed to fluoride through treated drinking water or products such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

What are fluorides's health effects?

Tooth discoloration and/or pitting is caused by excess fluoride exposures during the formative period prior to eruption of the teeth in children. The secondary standard of 2.0 mg/L is intended as a guideline for an upper boundary level in areas which have high levels of naturally occurring fluoride.The level of the SMCL was set based upon a balancing of the beneficial effects of protection from tooth decay and the undesirable effects of excessive exposures leading to discoloration. Information about CDC’s recommendations regarding optimal fluoridation levels and the beneficial effects for protection from tooth decay can be found at: http://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/.

How does Fluoride get into my drinking water?

Fluoride is usually found naturally in low concentration in drinking water and foods.  Fluoride is also added to drinking water by public water systems.


Your test kit will include sample bottles and easy to follow sample collection instructions. When testing is complete, a report will be issued identifying any problems detected with your sample. Please note: this test package must be returned to the lab within 24 hours of collection.

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