State Certified for Lead Testing in Drinking Water
State Certified for Lead Testing in Drinking Water
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Lead in Ice
Lead in Ice

Lead in Ice

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Testing for Lead in Ice in Day Care Centers and Homes

All day care centers and homes built before January, 2000 should test their water and ice tested for lead. Please note: the price above is per ice dispenser and includes laboratory testing of one sample as required by EPA.

Step 1: Count the number of ice dispensers.
Each appliance that distributes ice samples should be tested

Step 2: Order sample bottles
Ordering is fast and easy. When you order the sample bottles, you will receive the sample bottle, label and instructions.  You will have the option to pickup the kits at our office or we can ship the kits to you at no charge. 

Step 3: Collect samples
Water sampling must be conducted first thing in the morning after the water has been stagnate for a minimum of 6 hours but no more than 18 hours. Take care to ensure the water is not used for any purpose including flushing toilets, showers, etc... Collect one liter sample of ice. Detailed instructions are provided with the kit and are available for download below.

Step 4: Complete the paperwork and return samples to the lab
Take care to label each sample with a unique name such as "Refrigerator Ice Dispenser 1" and include this information on the Field Sample Data Form along with the date and time the water system was last used and when samples were collected.  Drop off samples at one of our offices or return to our Geneva Office by U.S. Mail, UPS, etc..

Step 5: An easy-to-read report of results will emailed to you in approximately 7 business days and will identify an concentrations of lead at or above 2.0 ppb.

More Information:

Click here to download Day Care Sampling Instructions.

Click here to download our Field Sample Data Form to record your sample information and submit to the laboratory:

Your test kit will include sample bottles for each water source, easy to follow sample collection instructions and a spreadsheet for identifying your water sources and recorded sample information. When testing is complete, a certified report will be emailed.

Testing performed by Suburban Laboratories, Inc (IEPA Accreditation #100225)

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